Utility Bills

The city requires a $100 meter deposit which is due upon taking possession of your home.   

The homeowner/renter is to read and include a meter reading with each payment.     

Utility bills arrive after the 20th of the month and are due the 10th the following month.  Bills paid after the 10th will be assessed a 1.5% late fee.

A city drop box is available at the corner of Lynn Dawn Drive and Drake Avenue at the north end of the city proper, or bills may be mailed to the city address:

     City of Argusville
     602 Lynn Dawn Drive
     Argusville, ND  58005

Utility accounts will be terminated when 60 days past due. If services are discontinued, a fee of $50 plus the total of the bill and a meter reading will be required to reinstate services.   

Utility Bill Charges:
  • Water rates are: First 2000 gallons (minimum) $18.20. Additional water is  $5.50 per thousand up to 18,000 gallons. $7.80 per thousand after 18,000 gallons.
  • Sewer: $11.40 per month
  • Garbage & Recycling: $24.70 per month. A second tote is available upon request; $15/month additional charge.   
  • Mosquito Prevention fee: $3.50 per month

City Proper Monthly Fees:

  • Dike Maintenance Fee: $5 per month  (for properties within the original city dike). 
  • Surcharge03 of $3.02 for a lagoon improvements for our sewer system.
  • Sewer-Water 17 improvements:  $60 per month.