Welcome to the City of Argusville

Argusville is located in the Red River Valley in Cass County, North Dakota. Located at the intersection of Interstate 29 and Cass County 4,  Argusville is a safe, quiet, rural community within close proximity to the Fargo-Moorhead metro area.



Building permits are required for all construction including new construction, outbuildings, additions, remodeling, and decks.

Variances must be obtained from the  Zoning Board and the City for any work done on the city right of way, including culvert extensions, or for structures that vary from the ordinances. Please contact Zoning to apply for a variance. Zoning will review the request and present their recommendation to the City Council for approval. 

Please contact Cheri Wetzel at wetzelcheri@gmail.com for a permit application or to apply for a variance.